On Location Machining

Your Onsite Machining Company

On Location Machining (OLM) is an onsite machining company that specializes in hydro dam gate roll paths repairs. OLM was incorporated in 1989. The primary business being onsite machining.  OLM started machining hydro electric dams in  2002 and found the need to improve the process due to the tighter tolerance and shorter time lines.   We have machined over 100 roll paths, seal paths, lintels  and knife edges. We have machined roll paths on dam gates up to 80 feet in a continuous motion within  a tolerance of 0.005 inches of straightness . We have developed a method of in situ machining of large (> 19′ diameter and flanges)  components commonly found in hydroelectric dams, nuclear generation station and other large scale industrial application.



Continuously improve the quality and value of the services and products we provide.  Always strive to make every aspect of our work effective and efficient.


At On Location Machining Services Ltd. we strive to provide exceptional service to our customers the first time and every time.


Unleash the talents of our employees by creating an environment that is safe and that recognizes and rewards their achievements, and encourages their participation and growth .

OLM takes pride in their work knowing we are helping restore and preserve our Canadian history one  dam  at a time. The majority of hydroelectric dams are over 50 years old and the rehabilitation of these structures is a major concern.